"We can tailor to suit your needs, your audience and your budget."

Tony Messer


Tony has a straightforward way of speaking, in simple terms to understand with lots of practical tips. A great speaker for business growth clubs and networking events.

The Lazy Website Syndrome (5 star Amazon rating – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lazy-Website-Syndrome-Tony-Messer/dp/1907308237)

The Website Survival Kit which is aimed at Local Businesses

Most Small Business Owners struggle to attract new customers to their business using the internet. The unfortunate truth is that if you do not have an effective internet marketing strategy and social media plan then you need to be prepared to go out of business! Whereas before just having a website was enough, nowadays the small business owner needs to understand how to create an internet marketing strategy for their business.

Learn How to Fix Your Lazy Website Today! Written by experienced online entrepreneurs Tony Messer & Pilar Torres Wahlberg, The Lazy Website Syndrome addresses these issues & offers small business owners with a powerful blueprint for online success.


Growing your business online. Advice from setting up domain to growing your linked in network.

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