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Paul Bridle

Paul’s strength is in contextualising information in a way that people can use in the development of their people and their business. With his extensive and ongoing research into organisations and the people that lead them, Paul brings an external perspective to businesses.

Providing content rich and engaging Keynote speeches at conferences and corporate meetings is guaranteed. Paul takes time to understand their issues and then brings a perspective that ensures people go away with practical ideas and skills to use in their businesses.

Personal background

Paul’s background is in running successful businesses and he currently CEO of a Group of companies based in UK, Canada and USA.  In addition, he has spent over twenty five years researching effective organizations and the people that lead them. He has personally researched what makes a good leader and has taken time to understand the mind-set of successful leaders.

As a professional speaker, his presentations are enlightening, exciting, inspirational and highly informative. The results of his research allow people to discover the true qualities of a leader as well as give people the opportunity to measure themselves against what is expected from a Leader. Paul delivers a powerful presentation because he is both a motivated and a passionate speaker backed up with an excellent knowledge of his specialist subject Leadership. He wants people to go away from his presentation and practically use the information they have received to improve their ability in the workplace. He is also asked to facilitate sessions for companies and he is still asked to provide coaching with business executives.

Paul was born in Zimbabwe and educated in Southern Africa. Achieved an Advanced Diploma in Sales and Marketing from University of Zimbabwe. He moved to England in the mid seventies. Having a balanced life is paramount to Paul, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.  He is married, father of two boys and has three grand-daughters.


As CEO of Excellence Squared Group Limited, Paul has done a lot of work in understanding the workplace of the future and developed tools that companies are using. Needless to say, his companies reflect the best of his years of research with engaged people and teams that work.

Currently he is also working on developing new learning methodologies in an age he calls the Age of Just-in-time Learning.


Kate Ancketill, Managing Director, GDR Creative Intelligence

“Paul spoke at this year’s retreat. The case study he showed from a restaurant in South Africa was inspiring and informative and left me with several concrete ideas to apply to my own business, which is in a very different sector.

Paul’s insightful comments were extremely thought-provoking and highly valued by the CEOs present. We all left buzzing with ideas on how to improve our businesses.”

Professional Background:

  • CEO of Excellence Squared Group Ltd
  • Faculty Member for the Institute of Management Studies
  • Faculty Member for Duke University
  • Fellow of the Institute of Business Consulting
  • Previously an Advisor for the Governments National Education Enterprise Advisory Service
  • Past President of various Associations and Trade Organisations
  • Non-executive Directorships and Advisory Boards


  • Voted 12th in the world’s ‘Top 20 Most Influential Leadership Gurus’ for three consecutive years
  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)
  • Vistage International (UK) Best New Speaker
  • JCI Senator

Books Written:

  • Leadership The Never-Ending Story
  • Teamwork is Dead  Long Live Teams that Work
  • Question your Thinking
  • Things I have learnt from my Father/Son
  • and his next book, Forget Customer Service It is about Engagement

Paul has spoken to audiences across the globe, sizes of 20 to 5000, from a range of industry sectors


Creating an engaged workforce

Leading vs Managing the key to success

The mindset of a Leader

What people want from a Leader

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