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Nick Fewings

Nick is passionate about helping people develop and grow and to be valued and appreciated for the unique skills that they bring to their teams and organisations. He believes that the key to our success, both in work and life, lies is in our ability to build positive relationships with others.

Nick is an experienced leader and a former Change Director in Barclays, where he used his knowledge of project/change management and behavioural psychology to lead the people workstreams of global change initiatives.

After leaving Barclays he provided change management consultancy to global organisations before focusing on his passion of helping organisations build high-performing teams. This led him to create the highly-regarded Team DyNAmics© Model, which helps teams to measure how effective and engaged team members are across 16 Elements, identified as being the foundation upon which high-performance and team success are achieved.

Nick, through his training company, Ngagementworks, facilitates high-impact team development programmes with many global household names, engaging individuals, motivating teams and helping them transform and achieve even greater success.

He has spoken at over 400 conferences throughout the world, with the largest audience being in excess of 750 people and he is regularly voted “top conference speaker” at many of these.

His style has been described as ‘infotainment’ – engaging and involving an audience with real stories and anecdotes that bring his presentations to life, whilst providing delegates with practical skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately with positive results.

As the foundation of Nick’s presentations are about people and behaviours, he speak across all industry sectors.


Leadership – The Four Things Excellent Leaders Do

Team Building – How To Create A High-Performing Team

Collaboration – Building Powerful Win-Win Relationships

Project/Change Management – People Deliver Projects/Change

Personal Development – The Key To Your Success is Within YOUrSELF


“I hired Nick after seeing him speak at a European PA Conference in front of 400. He is an extremely engaging, lively and entertaining speaker who is sure to liven up any audience! I joked about his slot being the ‘graveyard shift’, after lunch and having to lift a room that is starting to get tired, he 100% delivered on that and Twitter was awash with positive feedback on his session. He also delivered a very important message and I know our delegates took a lot away from his presentation. Even more importantly Nick really worked in partnership with us. He engaged with our delegates long before the event via social media and email and I think that is really important for any speaker. He really got to know our target audience and therefore knew exactly how to pitch the presentation. I would not hesitate in recommending Nick for any event!”

“I have had the pleasure of working with many of the high-profiled conference speakers, Nick Fewings ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered. His speech on the topic of leadership style and its impact on the organisation have influenced industry leaders in many parts of the world. Nick is an electrifying public speaker. His passion for the subject matter is infectious. Nick has deep professional expertise, and it shows.”

“Nick is a fantastic Presenter and delivered on the topic “eNgaging Change – Leading Change Effectively”. Nick delivered this in very engaging style, prompting attendees to chat with their experiences, replying to their instant queries, doing poll questions and analyzing the results. Nick made the session interactive, entertaining and extremely valuable. Very very highly rated!”

“Nick spoke at our annual International Conference on “The Adaptable Leader”. Nick makes an immediate impact with this informal, almost fun (yes, fun!) approach to presenting. That said, Nick has an important point to make and make no mistake his style ensures everyone takes something away whilst enjoying themselves into the bargain. I’m sure we’ll be inviting Nick back to share his insights again in the future.”


What I do to help individuals and teams achieve even greater success: Ngagementworks


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