"We can tailor to suit your needs, your audience and your budget."

Craig Goldblatt

Craig speaks at global conventions, in-house conferences, seminars, institutes and membership events as well as company away days.

The last two decades Craig has delivered in excess of 600 inspirational keynote presentations to audiences from around the world. His ability to challenge audiences to be their very best and his motivational energy throughout this journey are what set Craig apart from other speakers.


“Every single one of us is meant to shine. My absolute goal is to see people empower themselves to uncover what makes them truly amazing, to inspire them to be better than they ever thought possible.”


Craig coaches executives and entrepreneurs for two hour sessions on a monthly basis.

Included in the coaching package are:

  • A pre-coaching meeting to discuss specific goals and needs of client
  • Building a completely bespoke coaching programme for each individual
  • Delivery of coaching in a location to suit client
  • All books and resources necessary to support the learning of the client

Craig believes in creating a truly tailor-made experience for all his clients. He believes that everyone can see amazing talents in those around them, that it is part of our make-up to be able to recognise magnificence in other human beings.

To have a coach to recognise your own greatness is essential for you to be all you can be. Behind every great sportsman and business leader there is always a team of great coaches. We all need someone to continually remind us of the path we deserve to walk!

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